Ask a Doula

Hi! My name is Hannah Silver, and I am the owner and creator of Silver Doula Services. Here is a little bit about me!



What is your training background?

The doula organization that I chose to get trained by, is DONA international. DONA stands for Doulas of North America, and is the largest doula organization in the world. I have attended a comprehensive, hands on 24 hour birth doula workshop, and well as an 8 hour childbirth education series, and a 27 hour comprehensive, hands on postpartum doula workshop. In those trainings I, as well as the other doulas in attendance, learned ways in which to support a birthing mother and postpartum mother physically, emotionally, and informationaly.

What is your approach to birth?

I view birth as a normal physiological process. I value and honor the beauty, power, and struggle of birth. I recognize that each birth is as unique as the person birthing. I am able to use my knowledge of the birthing process in conjunction with my knowledge of childbirth as an extremely sensitive, and spiritual process. I take my cues from the mother, and follow her lead when it comes to comfort and interaction. I hold space. I am there to support the mother in her childbirth wishes no matter what they are; epidural, cesarean section, unmedicated birth, home birth, water birth, hypno-birth, etc. I aim to create a loving and non-judgmental environment in which the mother may birth in whichever way suits her, and the infant best.

What made you want to become a doula?

Since a very young age, I knew that I wanted to do something with children for my career. I wasn't sure if I wanted to be a school teacher, a daycare provider, or what exactly, but I knew I loved caring for and spending time with children. After working as a full time nanny for some time, I felt ready for the next challenge in my life, but I knew I would still love to work with children and families. My step-mom practiced as a midwife for many years in Nevada, and through her my interest and passion for childbirth really blossomed. I considered going into midwifery, but decided it wasn't the right time in my life to begin a journey such as that. In my reading about midwives, I stumbled upon this very interesting word: doula! After doing a little more research about what a doula is, I instantly knew that this was the job for me! It had everything that I wanted in a job and so much more. Being a doula is more than just a job, it is a way of life, and I take that to heart. It is being nurturing, caring, patient, and kind. It is being flexible with your time, and being a chameleon to your ever changing environment. It is being centered and calm in a sometime very tumultuous time. I am a doula and this is my calling.

Can you help with breastfeeding?

Through my DONA doula trainings, I was given instruction on how to assist mothers with breastfeeding. I also have done some breastfeeding study on my own through books, and taking a 3 hour online breastfeeding course. Through this training I am able to assist those whom wish to breastfeed with basic things such as; ensuring proper latch on, comfortable position, basic trouble shooting, suggestions for comfort when experiencing issues such as sore nipples or plugged ducts, and when necessary helping contact a lactation consultant. I am happy to help with breastfeeding as long as it is in my scope of knowledge and practice, and anything more advanced, I am happy to help connect you with a trained lactation consultant.

For any additional information, please feel free to contact me directly.

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