Birth Doula Packages

Silver Package

1 prenatal visits

Continuous labor support

1 postpartum visits


Gold Package

2 prenatal visits

Continuous labor support

2 postpartum visits


Platinum Package

3 prenatal visits

Continuous labor support

3 postpartum visits


Customizatable Package

Minimum 1 prenatal visit

Continuous labor support

Each additional prenatal/postpartum visit $100

Base price $600

What to expect in your prenatal visit

I will meet with you and any support persons you wish in our prenatal visits. In these visits, we will become more acquainted, explore and discuss your priorities and any fears or concerns, discuss your birth plan and plan how we might work best together. I also want to know your own best ways of coping with pain and fatigue, and how you and your birth team foresee working together. I will answer any questions you may have, and provide evidence based information. I will go over coping techniques such as labor positions, breathing, visualization, and meditation, and explain ways that I may support you during your labor. We may cover topics such as nutrition, exercise, postpartum adjustment, and of course childbirth.

Postpartum Doula Packages

By the Hour

Daytime Support $35/hr

Nighttime Support $40/hr

Daytime Packages

30 hours $900

60 hours $1,680

100 hours $2,600

Nighttime Packages

30 hours $1,050

60 hours $1,980

100 hours $3,100

*By purchasing a postpartum package, you enjoy an hourly discount. The larger the package, the higher the hourly discount!

Which package should I get?

Each and every person's birth and postpartum experience is incredibly unique and will vary widely from person to person. Some things to consider when thinking about hiring a doula is, who else will be there to support me? In labor will I have family members, a partner, or friends that will be actively supporting me? During my first days and weeks at home with the baby, will anyone else be there to assist me with baby care, tasks around the home, preparing meals and errands? Also, consider what kind of birth you are planning to have. Are you planning to deliver vaginally or via cesarean section? Do you have other children? Do you have a history of anxiety or depression, especially postpartum? These are all things you can consider when hiring a doula. Imagine how you see a doula best fitting into your situation. Silver Doula Services is proud to provide a wide range of support, to match what your needs in this tender and sensitive time in your life.

Sibling Support Packages

One Child

One hour playdate prior to labor

Continuous sibling support during labor

One postpartum visit


Two Children

One hour playdate prior to labor

Continuous sibling support during labor

One postpartum visit


Three Children

Two hour playdate prior to labor

Continuous sibling support during labor

Two postpartum visits


*For more than three children please contact Silver Doula Services directly, as this will require two or more doulas

What can I expect a Sibling Support Doula to do?

Please visit our "About Doulas" page to learn more about sibling support doulas, and if having one could be right for you and your family.

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